On 20th February 2013, Fashion ComPassion & renowned art gallery Debut Contemporary hosted the first in a collaborative series of events which aimed to bring emerging creatives to London's fashion & art scene. The launch event, 'Wonder-lust', was held at the Debut Contemporary gallery in London.

This event showcased socially responsible fashion brands from war torn and under privileged communities together with stunning pieces created by emerging artists from Debut Contemporary. Socially responsible brands on display include our favorite Fashion Compassion's Nawa, Numa, Palestyle, Inaaya and Lost City. All these brands are hand crafted by women artisans and tell a story of beauty,history, belief and determination. These must-have pieces were paired with one of the fantastic Debut artists; Adrian Scicluna, Dan Johnson, Ewelina Kolaczek, Maia Franceschi and Thomas Dowdeswell. Debut artists delineate similar narratives in their artwork, highlighting social and ethical issues in our economy and ecosystem and celebrating life and culture in their work through painting, collage, sculpture and performance.

Take an inside look at the exhibit and the wonderful pieces of art on display.