Shehla Chatoor could not have picked a better setting for her first signature costume jewellery exhibition! Her court yard that resembles a resort getaway in the exotic far east was the perfect back drop for the exquisitely hand made oriental and ethnic statement pieces that lay scattered on Buddhist figurines around the space. The exhibition was quickly sold out as people could not get enough of the exotic jewels that featured colourful semi precious stones and intricate carved detailing.

Even in the summer heat the place was flooded with fashionistas eager to get their hands on the best pieces. Take a look at the complete photos from the exhibition that was attended by notable personalities including Ayesha Omar,Sanam Chaudhri, Frieha Altaf, Andleeb Raana Farhan, Aamna Haider Isaani, Maha Burney, Sameera Dada and many many more with an exclusive look at all the delightful jewellery!

Photos courtesy: Kashifuddin.