Retail Buzz

  1. Ensemble

    July 06,2017
    Swing by at the Ensemble Pavillion booth 602 at the APPNA Summer convention in Florida!
  2. Faiza Rehman

    July 06,2017
    Faiza Rehman exhibiting at the APPNA convention booth 813! You cannot miss this.
    Faiza Rehman
  3. Sania Maskatiya

    July 06,2017
    Get ready for Sania Maskatiya's exhibition at APPNA convention Booth no.317.
    Sania Maskatiya
  4. Nadia Farooqui

    July 06,2017
    Do not forget to visit Nadia Farooqui's collection at Booth 417 at APPNA
    Nadia Farooqui
  5. SNL by Sofia Naveed Lari

    July 06,2017
    Save the date! Sofia Naveed Lari will be exhibiting at the APPNA 40th Annual Convention from 6th-9th July!
    SNL by Sofia Naveed Lari
  6. Rabia Wahab

    July 06,2017
    Mark your calendars for Rabia Wahab's lastest collection which she will be exhibiting at APPNA 2017 Bazaar in Orlando,Florida from July 6th-9th.
    Rabia Wahab
  7. Zohra Alam Eid exhibition

    May 31,2017
    Zohra Alam is bringing her Eid collection to Austin, Texas on the 31st of May-1st of June at 103 Stone Shadow Cv, Austin, TX 78734-5080, United States. 
    Zohra Alam Eid exhibition
  8. Rozina Munib "Kaamdani" Collection

    June 01,2017
    Rozina Munib's unstitched chifon emroidered collection "Kaamdani" is set to launch worldwide on the 1st of June!
    Rozina Munib
  9. Hina Mohamed Eid Collection

    May 29,2017
    Hina Mohamed's Eid collection features summery kurtas, breezy tunics and lovely laces- all part of their Ramada/Eid collection available off the rack and taking orders till the 3rd of June. Contact 03082222054 for further information. 
    Hina Mohamed Eid Collection
  10. Sanam Chaudri Eid exhibition

    May 29,2017
    Sanam Chaudhri will be exhibiting her latest Eid collection on Saturday June 3rd at Ensemble Karachi! 
    Sanam Chaudri Eid exhibition